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Fly fishing on the water, Lessons (Guiding):
Available to all ages
Call to schedule (724) 533-3212 or email us:

          Half day Rates:
         Single Angler $150.00
         2 Anglers: $275.00
         3 Anglers: $375.00

Upcoming Fly-Tying Class:

Begins January 6, 2022. Six weeks on Thursdays Cost $95.00. Call 724-533-3212 to sign up!

2021 Kid’s Fly Fishing School:

Was June 14th – 18th this year, looking forward to next year’s class around the same time of year!

Ladies Fly Fishing School:

Stay tuned for 2022


Fly Tying Class
Six weeks on Thursdays beginning Jan. 6th.
Cost: $95.00, Call 725-533-3212
Bring your own vise and we provide everything else.