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Recent Trout Stocking: April 9th


Fly fishing on the water, Lessons (Guiding):
Available to all ages
Call to schedule (724) 533-3212 or email us:

Half day Rates:
Single Angler $150.00
2 Anglers: $275.00
3 Anglers: $375.00

Upcoming Fly-Tying Class:

Due to Covid 19, we will not have a fly-tying class in 2021 which typically begins in January.

Kid’s Fly Fishing School:
Stay tuned for 2021

Ladies Fly Fishing School:
Stay tuned for 2021


Lunker Fund Raffle!

Lunker Fund Raffle Winners:

1st Prize: Recon rod – Dave P., 2nd Prize: Fishpond Net – Jay T., 3rd Prize: Orvis Gloves – Fred R.

A huge shout out and thank you to all who participated this year; we are all winners with the stocking of additional trout for all to enjoy!