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Few fishing scenarios are as physically and mentally taxing as pursuing musky on a fly rod, and whenever you’re looking at the fish of 10,000 casts, it only makes sense to increase the odds any way that you can. With the Musky Fly Rod, Echo provides an affordable option that’s here to help simplify things so that you can focus on fooling one of the toughest freshwater species around. Designed to make light work of heavy, aggressive fish and cast big, obnoxious flies with ease, Echo’s Musky Fly Rod is a great choice whether you’re drifting a river filled with hogs or casting banana-sized poppers into lily pads. A fast action rod with a tough tip and fighting butt for figure-eight presentations, Echo’s Musky Fly Rod is packed with power and will let you fish all day long without getting fatigued. Whether you’re sinking Bufords on a 450 grain fast sinking line or skimming large Game Changers on an intermediate tip line, the Musky Fly Rod will handle it all.



Graphite Blank – Echo gives their Musky Fly Rod a fast action graphite blank. This is perfect for putting the power to large fish and launching flies the size of your forearm without growing tired. This blank also features a slick “musky” color that will have your mind on these behemoths anytime you give it a glance. The Musky Fly Rod comes in two different sized 11 weight options–8’8” and 9’4”. While both can handle anything you throw at them, the 8’8” model excels when fishing close to the water, say out of a jon boat or from the shore, while the 9’4” option is perfect when there’s some distance between you and the water. The 9’4” model can also be used as a compact two-hand system should you get worn out from long days and big fish.



Oversized Stripping Guides – To prevent any hangups whenever you’ve got a follow that seems to last forever, Echo outfits their Musky Fly Rod with oversized stripping guides. This is perfect for tight figure-eight presentations and launching massive flies 80 feet into a logjam.


Reel Seat

Anodized aluminum reel seat – Echo’s Musky Fly Rod has an anodized aluminum reel seat that’s super durable and will prevent rust so you don’t need to worry whenever your musky trips are seven months apart. It also features a sturdy dual-uplocking design so that your reel remains in place no matter how big the target.


Rod Tube

Fabric-covered rod tube and sock – To make for durability and long term use, Echo gives a fabric-covered rod tube and sock. Not only does this protect your fly rod, but it also makes travel easy whenever you’ve booked that week-long musky trip in the north woods of Minnesota.



As of January 2021, Echo honors a warranty service to the original owner of any of their fly rods that lasts the natural life of each rod. Echo will cover both manufacturer defects and poor workmanship, and if your rod breaks due to neglect, then a service fee will be charged (fees vary depending on specific rod models); if after inspection of the rod Echo finds that it was broken due to poor workmanship or materials, Echo will waive the service fee. Once Echo receives your fly rod, their warranty process typically takes between 1 and 2 weeks.


9'4" 11WT, 8'8" 11WT