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The Scott Flex is a rod for the everyman. The Flex is insanely caster-friendly, especially at important trout distances, and is incredibly forgiving. In fact, this is one of our favorite trout rods we’ve ever cast at the 45-foot distance. The design of the rod is also classic Scott and includes elements from higher end rods like the Radian to encourage performance. In a mid-priced freshwater fly rod market, the Flex certainly gives the very best rods a run for their money. Whether you’re using the Flex as your primary trout rod, a backup rod, or a client rod, Scott has truly made a fly rod that caters to every angler.


X-Core – The rod blank of the Flex benefits from Scott’s X-Core technology. X-Core widens blank diameter for increased stability and decreases wall mass for unparalleled sensitivity. Scott uses fast taper mandrels and ARC reinforcement to create rods that are strong and loaded with feel. X-Core technology and ARC design help the Flex remain caster-friendly, durable, and lightweight.

Multi Modulus Design – Scott’s Multi-Modulus blank design creates smoother rod flex and increased line recovery by varying fiber tensile modulus throughout the Flex. This technology allows Scott to control stiffness and flexibility at every point along the rod blank. The result? Smooth, fine-tuned performance. The blank of the Flex also boasts a natural finish, like all Scott rods.



SiC Stripping Guides – The Flex sports high-end componentry and the stripping guides are no different. The stripping guides found on the Flex are functional and light contributing to the rod’s high performance and Scott’s trademark craftsmanship. While the guides aren’t titanium like higher end rods like the Radian, they encourage smooth casting and stellar line control.

Hard Chrome Recoil Snake Guides – Hard Chrome guides add to the functionality and durability of the Flex. Snake guides are industry-accepted and time-proven. The recoil guides on the Flex will never rust and are made with ‘memory metal’ to return to their original shape after being bent or crushed.


Reel Seat

Custom Machined Aluminum Bracket and Carbon Fiber Insert – The Flex features a reel seat that’s both aesthetically appealing and extremely functional. A double uplocking component leads into a custom machined aluminum bracket that covers a carbon fiber insert. While Scott has substituted the wood inserts of rods like the Radian for a carbon fiber insert, the reel seat is still stylish Scott.


Rod Tube

Cordura Rod Tube – The Flex comes in a durable black Cordura rod tube that protects the rod during travel to and from the river. Cordura rod tubes have long been an industry-accepted mid-priced alternative to aluminum tubes.



Scott Lifetime Warranty – The Flex, like all Scott fly rods, is covered by the Scott Lifetime Warranty, which covers the rod for the life of the original owner. As of July 2015, the cost of these repairs is $50 and the turnaround time is about 4 weeks. Rods must be registered within 30 days of purchase to qualify for the warranty.


More Info

Rod Action: Fast

Best for: Allwater, Nymphs

Grip: Reversed Half Wells

Ability Level: Beginner – Expert



9' 5WT, 9' 6WT, 10' 5WT, 9' 4WT, 9' 8WT, 10' 4WT, 9' 7WT, 10' 7WT