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The #1 Trout Fishing App
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Find new trout stream opportunities using proprietary trout stream layers, with over 23,000 trout streams mapped out across 23 states. All color coded based on a custom classification system. Explore streams confidently and efficiently with detailed information on public/private land, access points, parking spots, and more. Save detailed maps, layers, and your own markups for offline use – no signal required. The proprietary mapping system provides every detail you need for each stream mapped, including public/private bridges, trail access, where to park, camping opportunities, boat ramps, and more. Find exactly what you’re looking for with advanced filters. Want to find a boat put-in near a tailwater on a top-rated stream? The filters let you quickly home in on what you’re looking for. Check real-time stream height and flow rates with live data from stream gauge and compare with historical data to spot trends and opportunities.